Congrats to our team!

West Virginia Apartment AssociationLast week, two of our dynamic managers attended the National Apartment Association Capitol Conference in Washington, D.C. After nearly a year of hard work West Virginia has become an official affiliate of the NAA.  We are so proud of the accomplishments of Debby Rose, manager at Country Club and President of the West Virginia Apartment Association. Debby was joined by Andrea O’Meara, manager at Pikeview Apartments and Vice President of the West Virginia Apartment Association 

2016 Best of Living Awards

The Manor GroupCongratulations to the teams at our PA communities for being recognized for excellence at the PAA- Central Best of Living Awards.

We are so proud of all of their hard work and fortunate to have such dedicated managers, rental consultants and maintenance professionals!

2015 Best of Living Awards

Bola_winnerlogo2015Congratulations to the staff and residents at Powder Mill, Manor House Apartments and Grampian Hills.

Powder Mill Apartments won:

  1. Overall Best Apartment Community in Central PA, for the third consecutive year
  2. Maintenance Excellence Award
  3. Curb Appeal Excellence Awards

Manor House won:

  1. Overall Excellence Award

Grampian Hills Apartments won:

  1. Overall Best Apartment Community in Central PA
  2. Maintenance Excellence Award
  3. Leasing Excellence Award

High Praise for California Apartments

We moved into California Apartments early August, 1988. We were 26 and 1/2 years younger than we are now and we remember it like it was yesterday! In fact, Elaine was our apartment manager, and John was our maintenance guy back then! We knew we “landed” in a good place, and we loved having good management, along with good neighbors. Six years to the day of us moving in, our building was hit by lightening and we had our fire. We’ll never forget that day, as it was a life changing event. But our California Apartment staff made our transition to another apartment smooth, and helped us in any way they could! Eight months later, our new apartment was ready to move into, and again management was most helpful! When shortly after moving back into 338, we were informed of a rent increase. I wrote a letter to corporate, explaining about our fire and circumstances, and they decided not to raise the rent…that meant so much, and made us feel like someone really cared!

Unfortunately, we had serious noise issues. It was a trying time for us; lasting several years… neighbor’s taking us to court, when they were the one’s making the noise, and new neighbor’s calling the police on us for complaining about their noise. That was a very rough time in our lives, and when I addressed it to management; they came up with another apartment for us, in another building, on the third floor, above any noise. Five year’s ago, we moved to 138 from 338, and it was the wonderful change we needed in our lives! We finally had peace!

The third floor apartment was 30 stairs up, and 30 stairs down, which was ok the first couple of years. But as we both got older, 30 stairs up, at the end of a long day, and carrying groceries and such, was very hard on us. So back in July, we decided that we needed a change. We didn’t expect to make a real estate purchase this late in our lives, but after checking on some ground floor rentals, with more room, we realized that with the great interest rates, and Frank utilizing a VA loan, we could make our dream a reality! We found a great home, in a 55 and over community, and closed on our new house February 26th! While we are happily settled in our new place, we left California Apartments a little sad, but with a lifetime of good memories! You guys are awesome! We appreciate everything you did for us! Management and maintenance were always exceptional! Corporate, you can be proud of your Manor Drive management team… they are the BEST! While we will gladly refer people there, we just want to say a HUGE THANKS TO AMY, ELAINE, JOHN, and JACOB, and THE REST OF YOUR TEAM! Keep up the good work!

Praise for Powder Mill Apartments’ maintenance team

I live at Powder Mill and my furnace went out this week on one of the coldest nights we have had this winter. I can’t say enough about the maintenance team. They were here in 20 minutes and had it working in no time after putting in a new blower. That is just amazing to me and that is why PM gets awards for best maintenance team. So glad I live here!

Praise for Country Club Apartments

Just a note to say “thanks” for the great job Country Club does with snow removal. I was out a little while ago finding my buried car, and the plow came by. I thanked the driver personally, and he gave me an updated road report. Hopefully I can get out tomorrow. Also Tim and the others do a super job with the walkways. Ashavini, the med student who lives on the 3rd floor, and I swept off the car and some of the surrounding areas, and I told her how well you all keep up this complex. We all appreciate it. Thanks again!

Praise for Roxalana Hills’ maintenance team

I want to thank your maintenance crew for doing such a great job with the snow we received on February 16. I had to work and came home during the worst part of the day and they had been out in horrible conditions. My car wouldn’t make the whole climb up the hill and one of the guys driving the snow plow got out and threw kitty litter under my tires to help me make it home safely. A second guy joined him and I really want to say thank you to them. They deserve exra pay for the day. I have lived in my apartment for almost 2 years and have a few problems with heat/ac and your guys are always there to fix it in no time at all. People have asked me how I like living there and I always say I love it. If something happens I call and get help in minutes. Thanks to your maintenance again.

Another Benefit of Apartment Living: Snow Removal!

While there might not be an app for shoveling snow—our apartment communities have a dedicated maintenance team that shovels your sidewalks and parking areas. The township is responsible for dedicated roads and we contract with snow removal companies to clear our private roads.

Inclement weather heightens safety concerns. When it snows, it’s best to stay inside and wait for the weather to clear. Here are some driving safety tips:

Congratulations California Apartments!!

On Thursday, October 24th, Amy, John, Kathy, and Elaine attended the 20th Annual NJAA Garden State Awards along with the president of Manor Management, Amber Green. California Apartments is proud to announce that they won for:

  • Best Curb Appeal
  • Best Manager- Amy DeFeo
  • Best Leasing & Support Staff

What a team! Congratulations!!!

2013 Central PA Best of Living Awards

Congratulations to the staff and residents at Powder Mill, Springetts Manor and Manor House Apartments.

Powder Mill Apartments won:

1. Overall Best Apartment Community in Central PA
2. Overall Maintenance Excellence Award
3. Best Curb Appeal Community in Central PA

Manor House won:

1. Leasing and Marketing Excellence Award

Springetts Apartments won:

1. Runner-up for Overall Best Apartment Community in Central PA
2. Overall Leasing Excellence Award